The fifth year students defended their coursework on wood chemistry and nanoporous substances.
Paper Topics on dendrochemistry:
Paper Topics on nanoporous materials:

Profile of the Department:


  • Structure of solid carbon
  • Equipment for the production of charcoal
  • Obtaining and application of pro-vitamin concentrate
  • Obtaining and application of chlorophyll-carotene paste
  • Method of selection of betulin from birch bark
  • Production of tannin extracts from the bark
  • Technology of waste wood and sawmill on charcoal
  • Requirements pharmacopoeial monograph on Berestov tar and ways to ensure its quality
  • Properties of charcoal derived from bark and waste wood debarking
  • Structure and properties of monoterpenov pine resin
  • Structure and properties of the resin acids of pine resin
  • Physico-chemical methods of analysis of plant extractives

  • Methods of activation of charcoal
  • Devices for briquetting of charcoal
  • Methods for the oxidation of charcoal
  • Types and quality of raw materials for activated carbons
  • Functional surface groups of wood and oxidized coal
  • Methods uzucheniya porous structure of coals
  • Methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of surface functional groups of charcoal
  • Marks and the use of active coal plant in Russia
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