In the view of the world's scientific elite, nano-and biotechnology, along with information technology in the 21 century will determine the direction of scientific and technological progress.

Department HTD

General Specialty:
The technology of chemical processing of wood

Specializations chair:
  • Technology of Wood chemical products and biologically active substances
  • Technology hydrolysis and microbial products

The Department has been training:
bachelors in:
  • Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Masters of areas:
  • Technology of biologically active substances, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Industrial biotechnology and bioengineering
  • Chemical technology of natural energy and carbon materials
  • Chemical technology of wood processing

After graduation, you can go to graduate school.

Areas of biotechnology:
  • Biofuels
  • Food industry (production of alcoholic and soft drinks, dairy products, etc.)
  • Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics
  • Production of biologically active additives based on natural plant materials
  • Obtaining medical drugs and medical supplies

Production of nanoporous materials for:
  • Food industry (purification of water for beverage production)
  • Pharmacy and Medicine
  • Solving environmental problems in metallurgy and machine building

Entrance test on the results of USE:
  • Mathematics
  • Russian language
  • Physics
It is possible to pass the EGE in physics at the beginning of July in our university, if not taken in school.

Benefits income UGLTU:
  • A large number of budget places (on our faculty - 161)
  • Promising directions of study (biotechnology and nanotechnology)
  • 100% availability of student dormitory
  • Compact layout of campus
  • Best in the Urals, the social protection of students (additional scholarships, a sanatorium, etc.)
  • A wide range for the development of students (sport. section, the student teams, clubs amateur)


Profile of the Department:


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