New high technology:

For the Forest Complex and processing technological waste
  • environmentally safe production of charcoal from illiquid and low-grade hardwood
  • production of the most popular brands of activated carbons on the basis of charcoal
  • technology of fuel briquettes from plant material

Ecology-safe production of charcoal
For the Food Industry, Medicine, Health Care and improve quality of life
  • new technology for the production of biological products through a phase of "fitokrip";
  • production of adaptogens and immunomodulators to improve performance for workers who work under extreme stress;
  • production of antioxidants;
  • production of inhibitors of cancer;
  • production radioprotectors;
  • production of food dyes;
  • production of therapeutic and prophylactic products for the prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes;
  • production of food additives on the basis of local plant material;
  • synthesis of nanoporous adsorbents for collection of oils and petroleum products;
  • water engineering;
  • prevention and liquidation of emergency situations related to environmental pollution by oil products;
  • rehabilitation of water areas contaminated with petroleum products.

Profile of the Department:


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